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Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability Management


vXpose realised that many organisations are facing the challenge of managing vulnerabilities which are identified through different suppliers and tools in the organisation. It becomes cumbersome for an organisation to manage these vulnerabilities and provide a single Risk view. vXpose created a solution which includes both software tools and personnels, to unify and manage vulnerabilities and associated risks for an organisation, while reducing risks and improving security posture.

vXpose came up with an idea of providing vulnerability management as a service (VMaaS) in such a way that there will be no need to pay expensive license fee or IT equipments to buy, saving SMEs huge initial costs to setup vulnerability management for their organisation. It is as simple as buying a mobile phone contract and paying on monthly basis.



VMaaS - Vulnerability Management as a Service


Exclusive features of our unique VMaaS solution include:


  • Integration Hub: Unify all your vulnerabilities from different IT systems, tools and reports at one single place.
  • Dashboards: There will be dashboards available for managing vulnerabilities and risks, providing current status of all vulnerabilities and associated risks across the organisation.
  • Risk Assessment: Capabilities to conduct risk assessment on the identified vulnerabilities and provide options for Risk Owners and Risk Managers to accept, reject or transfer risks.
  • User Profiles: There will be number of default user profiles. New user profiles can be created by the client, as required.
  • Audit Trails: There will be logs for Audit Trails.


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